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As the President of SearchWest, Jeff is a true entrepreneur who continually seeks new opportunities for growth in this exciting and ever-changing industry. His recruiting and industry expertise is relied upon by many Fortune 500 companies to consult on hiring and talent retention programs along with evaluating internal applicants for succession planning and organizational growth.

Cost of a Bad Hire

What is the cost of a bad hire? We all know that hiring the wrong employees can cost organizations a huge amount of money, but this info graphic presents some startling figures.  When it comes down to it, getting the right fit the first time probably matters a little more than you thought it did. [...]

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Why Recruiting Firms Should be a Part of Your Staffing Strategy Debra Loggia

LinkedIn is a powerful tool and one that is used by many savvy recruiters. In fact, staffing firms are a large component of LinkedIn's revenue stream. It is job boards that have leveled the playing field, in the sense that anyone now has access to an individual’s resume. But it stops there. Recruiting People is [...]

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Phone Interview

  By Jez Styles,  Specialists in Retail and Hospitality Search   While we have seen an increase in the use of Skype and other video based technology it would seem that the use of the Telephone Interview is back on the rise. It is an inexpensive method for judging cultural and or behavioural fit and is often [...]

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Resume Writing

Alison Bricker SkyHigh Resumes Professional Resume Writing & Interview Coach Experts Direct: 778-397-4499 Toll Free: 1-888-397-8148 info@skyhighresumes.com | www.skyhighresumes.com A professional resume could, does, make the difference in many cases between a call for interview and a thank you for applying response. A resume is your first impression, first point of contact and often read [...]

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Attracting top talent will take hard work

Posted by Kim Covert (Vancouver Sun) Candidates 'back in the driver's seat' New surveys looking at hiring intentions in the next decade suggest potential employees will be in the power position and companies will have to do more than wave generous paycheques under their noses to attract them. In the coming decade companies will have [...]

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Why would any company hire you?

Posted by Jeff Abram WHY WOULD ANY COMPANY HIRE YOU? If any company is to survive and prosper in today’s economy, they need top-notch employees. Now, more than any time in history, companies need to hire the right talent. So why do companies hire the wrong employees? More often than not, candidates don’t know what [...]

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New BlogEntry

Posted by Eric Jackson - Forbes.com on 11 January 2012 Whether it’s a high-profile tech company like Yahoo!, or a more established conglomerate like GE or Home Depot, large companies have a hard time keeping their best and brightest in house. Recently, GigaOM discussed the troubles at Yahoo! with a flat stock price, vested options [...]

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Creating Urgency for your Candidates

Posted by www.recruiter.com *The following article is a great example of the challenges companies and Recruiters face when trying to hire "on-time". When is the best time to hire? Hire before it's too late. Almost two weeks ago I met a candidate at the airport. He had a great suit, was personable and asked all [...]

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Recruiters Rethink Online Playbook

Posted by Joe Light for The Wall Street Journal As recruiters wade cautiously back into hiring mode, they're throwing out their old playbooks. Rather than sift through mounds of online applications, they are going out to hunt for candidates themselves. Many plan to scale back their use of online job boards, which they say generate [...]

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When is the best time to hire?

Posted by Jeff Abram As a recruitment consultant to Fortune 500 companies along with some of the most dynamic small businesses looking to grow, I get asked this question frequently – When is the best time to hire? The answer will change depending on your organizational depth, market conditions or future growth plans. The answer [...]

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