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Things To Do After You Leave A Job Interview

You’ve just had a great interview, and are reasonably confident about landing the job. But just because your interview went well is no reason to relax. As they say, there’s many a slip between cup and lip. A lot can happen after an interview – the company may decide to hire internal candidates or do [...]

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What To Say In An Interview When You Dont Know The Answer

Interviews decide whether you get a job or not, and that’s why you should take them very serious. Often, as much as we practice for an interview, there are questions for which we have no answer. It could be a factual question on something that you have no idea about, or a tricky question, which [...]

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How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter

Writing an effective cover letter can be a tough task. There are often times hundreds of job applicants vying for the same position as you, and employers have to sift through all of these resumes and cover letters, so trying to do the same as the other person probably wont get you noticed all that [...]

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Why You Need Eat Healthier To Stay Productive

It’s not easy to stay energetic at work. Most people get tired after only a few hours in the office on a Monday, as their mind starts wandering off, eyes get blurry, back starts hurting and depression sinks in as they realize that the weekend is still many days away. Less said about the workplace [...]

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How To Keep Busy At Work When There Isn’t Much To Do

Did you know that 33 percent of Americans who lost their jobs in the aftermath of the 2008 recession, lost them because there simply wasn’t enough work to do? It really is not a good sign when you’re in a job where there isn’t much to do. But there isn’t much that you can do [...]

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What Potential Employers Look For The First Time They Meet You

It doesn’t take long for an employer to decide whether you are the right fit for their organization or not. Most interviewers take only a few minutes to make their decision about a candidate.  So what are the things that an employer looks for and what should you do to create a great first impression? [...]

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How To Ace An Interview You Are Not Prepared For

We don’t have to tell you that the job interview is the most important part of your job search. It doesn’t take long – perhaps no more than 20 minutes – but how well you do at the job interview decides whether you land the job or not. Most people who do well at job [...]

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How To Train Your Staff About Customer Service

The image of your company begins with your forward facing staff members, those doing the customer service. If you want to ensure that clients get the best service possible, then you must train your team well on proper etiquette and procedures, that way there is a clear and concise way of doing things, and everyone [...]

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3 Ways To Find A Job Super Fast

Not having a job is not fun. There is never a "good" time to lose your job. You maybe unemployed because you lost your job due to moving to a new city, or something more severe such as the economic downturn. No matter what your reasons are, getting a job asap cannot be taken lightly. [...]

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5 Ways To Get Yourself Noticed At The Work Place

You do everything right. You come early, you also stay late. Your performance is above average, and you know how to get the job done. The problem is no one is acknowledging you and your performance. So instead of letting all of this effort to waste, today we are going to show you 5 easy [...]

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