Meetings are a great way to get together with the rest of the organization, and discuss what has been working, what hasn’t been working, and what the status of certain projects are.

The problem is that most meetings turn out to be unproductive and drag on endlessly for no reason, using up valuable resources and taking a lot of time out from each workers day.

There are however some great things you can do in your next meeting to make it super productive and efficient.

Know What You Want To Talk About At The Start

The biggest issue with meetings is that there are too many things to discuss, or the main general topic is not addressed beforehand. The important thing to do is either pick one or two main topics and discuss those, and only those during your meeting.

That way you stay on track with your meetings, and everyone already knows what will be discussed and what information they need to bring to the meeting, as well as what they will get out of it.

Only The People Needed Should Attend

Usually meetings these days are turning out to becoming conferences, as too many people not required to be there are dragged into these meetings because of whatever reason.

When you want to get things done, ensure the right heads of each department are present as well as the correct managers. That way the information can then be further taken down the line and the employees are made aware after the fact of what new processes or goals need to be addressed.

Keep Them Short

There are usually only 8 hours in a work day. Take out an hour for lunch and breaks, and that doesn’t leave most with a lot of time to do the pile of tasks that needs to get done.

Keep meetings short. The reason for this is simple, if they are too long, you will usually use up all of that time to discuss things that are not relevant. As well, keeping them short helps people stay focused and attentive during the meetings.

As you can see, there are a number of things you can do to get your meetings right on track, try out some of these and watch your next meeting go off without a hitch.