5 Productivity At Work Hacks That You Can Use Right Away

If you give someone a wish, then the majority of people would ask you to make their day a little longer by a few hours so that they could complete their work and on time. People are always in search of some hacks that will increase their productivity without them having to work so much overtime. We cant’t make the day any longer, but what we can do is suggest some awesome hacks that will surely increase the productivity of workers.

Here are five of the best hacks that would do wonders in an employees professional life, and will also help them in balancing their professional life with their personal life as well.

De-prioritize email

Emails hold a huge significance in importance for a company and its employees, and are in no doubt an essential tool from solving office issues to communicating with customers; everything is done with a click of an email these days. But instead of emails, what if you started to interact with other people on a more personalized basis. This will will make you more relaxed and will solve a lot issues more easily. Also, directly contacting others by phone for example, will leave a fantastic impression upon them.  However, remember that we said to de-prioritize and not ignore emails, so make sure you follow this tip to as much of an extent as you can.

Set your priorities

Now comes the hack to set your priorities for the day and make sure that you perform them within the allotted time frame. Time is limited, which is why, as a employee, it’s super important for you to complete your most important tasks at the beginning of the day first. When you start to finish these bigger more important tasks on time, the not-so-important and smaller tasks will take care of themselves and will seem to get done a lot more easily and quicker too.

Don’t read each written word

There is a lot to read on the internet, the trick here is that you don’t want to spend your entire time trying to absorb every single word, but read only such parts that are essential. Rather than reading each and every word, concentrate on the introduction and the titles of the seconds or headers, and then follow it up with significant take a ways from the subsequent paragraphs. This will provide you the gist of what the article or information you are reading is all about, and will also save much of your valuable time.

Stop being superhuman

Multitasking can give you a feeling that you are a superhuman, but that is not the case as multitasking actually does more harm than good. At the end of the day, all you are doing is split tasking. And in the long run, doing two tasks at the same time actually takes a longer time than doing one task to completion before doing the second task to completion. So stop splitting up your work, focus on one thing and get it done right, the first time before moving on.

Don’t let social media control you

Social media is essential, but there is a very fine line in doing something productive and wasting time on social media. Managing your social media in a better way will go a long way in increasing your productivity. So give it the time it needs, but don’t let it drift you off from the important tasks at hand.

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