5 Tips To Providing Amazing Customer Service

Providing excellent customer service, gives you the opportunity to have a life long customer, who will even be willing to recommend your products and services to their friends and families.

Today we are going to discuss a few tips that can make you and your company customer service super stars. Perform these well, and you will have very happy customers that are going to stay with you for a very long time, bringing in even more revenue for the company.

1.  Know Your Product / Service

In order to provide stellar customer service, you have to start from within the company, mainly, knowing the ins and outs of what you sell, your products and services. If you expect to handle customer questions, or complaints, you need to be fully aware of exactly how everything works.

If you don’t know something, ask and find out. Don’t ever lie to a customer. Even if you get asked something that you may not know, tell them that you are not aware, but you will find out for them. That way at least the customer knows that someone is working on it and not leaving them hanging.

2. Be Super Friendly

When you are dealing with such a forward facing position as customer service, you need to ensure that you are pleasant and enjoyable to speak to. No one wants to talk to over the phone or in person someone who is rude, obnoxious, or talks down to them.

Whenever you deal with customers, be as friendly and courteous as you can. This goes a long way, and shows that you are approachable and wanting to help. You don’t need to jump over the world, but just be human, and show that you care.

3. Say Thank You

Something people like hearing just as much as their own name, are the words thank you! Showing gratitude is a great way to remind your customers of your brand and company after a sale has completed.

It really doesn’t matter what you sell, getting in the habit of saying thank you after each and every one of your client transactions, makes certain that you will be remembered as well, not only saying it in person, but over the phone and in your emails as well.

4. Listen Very Well

There is a saying that goes, “You can’t hear anything while you are talking.” Well that makes a lot of sense in customer service. When you don’t listen to your customers needs and wants, you miss out on a lot of important data to help your company grow.

The best thing to do while dealing with customers is to stop for a moment and let them speak and get off their chest what their frustrations are. This way, you are going to pick up on a few things that will help you improve your processes and your organization for the better.

5. Be Very Responsive

When things go wrong, the worst thing you can do is just sit there and do nothing. You will see your customer base drop off like flies. What you want to do to provide exceptional customer service is to be fast when things go wrong or there is a problem.

Customers won’t say anything for the 10 times they had good service from your company, but they will be very vocal when you mess up once. So to get back in their good books, make sure you fix whatever broke, and keep the customer aware that you are working on a resolution and that they will be satisfied with the result.

Start by doing a few of the above tips to get your customer service shining. After a while you will see a difference, not only will your customers be happy with your company, they will bring you more business by their referrals as well.

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