When is the best time to hire?

The worst time to hire is when it’s too late, the position is already open, your biggest competitor has just stolen your highest performing sales rep and you are behind on this quarter’s numbers. Now you scramble to find a body to fill the void.

The best time to hire is before you need to. Think about it, if you had ready access to the industry’s highest performers and wouldn’t miss a beat if you were given a sudden; resignation, maternity leave or illness… what would that mean to your company’s fortunes?

I just spoke to a client who has had 3 reps in 4 years in the same territory and now the position has been vacant since July.  Surprising to learn sales were down 40% YTD?

For those of you sports minded, what if Gretzky went down with an injury and you could replace him with Mario on the next shift, your chances of winning the game are much improved.

 One of the best clients I ever had established a very accurate formula, they took the number of sales reps and the average turnover rate to determine their hiring need annually. They would interview every superstar candidate I could find and in some cases over hire as they knew turnover is inevitable.

 Turnover and change is good for growth and prosperity, not being ready for it is the death of an organization.

The best time to interview is ongoing; the best time to hire is before you need it. If we are not sending the best in class to your organization we need to talk.

Take action. Never settle.


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