Attracting top talent will take hard work

Posted by Kim Covert (Vancouver Sun)

Candidates ‘back in the driver’s seat’

New surveys looking at hiring intentions in the next decade suggest potential employees will be in the power position and companies will have to do more than wave generous paycheques under their noses to attract them.
In the coming decade companies will have to work harder to recruit and retain employees, and won’t be able to count on top talent coming to them, according to a survey conducted by Harris/Decima for Workopolis.
While the recession saw a glut of workers on the market, with the economic recovery comes a “long term talent shortage,” says Gabriel Bouchard, president and chief brand officer of Workopolis. “The day is done when a company could post a job and take their pick from the responses. Now it must sustain an ongoing campaign to court and entice the best talent over a period of time.”
Highly skilled people in today’s job market are clear about what they want from employers – opportunities for development and promotion, good compensation and having a good work/life balance – and are unwilling to settle for less.
“Candidates are back in the driver’s seat and are looking for opportunities where they can shine – they want to excel and feel fulfilled in their jobs,” says Bouchard. “That means employers have a much more complex message to communicate about their employment opportunities to encourage candidates to send their resumes.”
A second survey, conducted by the Human Resources Professionals Association in partnership with Workopolis, suggests that “the best candidate are almost always employed,” meaning companies need to find ways to recruit those who might not be looking for a job. That will often mean using tools more often associated with marketing than with human resources.
“Employers have to sustain a compelling employer brand in the marketplace at all times,” says Bouchard. “An employer brand can create the idea, even for employed workers casually browsing the website that you are an employer of choice, an organization they would aspire to join and want to stay in touch with.”

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