How To Ace An Interview You Are Not Prepared For

We don’t have to tell you that the job interview is the most important part of your job search. It doesn’t take long – perhaps no more than 20 minutes – but how well you do at the job interview decides whether you land the job or not.

Most people who do well at job interviews work very hard for it. They prepare well, rehearse the answers to be given to specific interview questions and think deeply about how to react to each situation. They do their research on the company, find out everything that they are supposed to know about the position they are applying for and by the interview starts, they are ready to go.

But most people don’t prepare quite so hard. In fact, according to a research done by a recruiting firm, as many as 22% of job seekers have no idea whatsoever about a company and about the position they are interviewing for!  Ignorance is not cute, certainly not in job interviews, and not being prepared doesn’t help with your prospects.

But because of time constraint, or because of being told about the interview at short notice, or sheer laziness, you may have failed to prepare yourself in time for an interview.  Never mind, rather than beat yourself up about it, follow the tips here, so you can ace an interview you are not prepared for.

Using the tips given here, you’ll be able to answer most of the questions in the job interview. There is no reason to research every single question that could be asked – you should just know the important questions that are always asked in every interview and be prepared with the right answers for them. So, let’s get started!

Understand What Recruiters Are Looking For

Interviews are held because the recruiters are looking for something and want to see if you’ve got what they want.  Most questions in an interview relate to your personality, adaptive skills and ability to function as a part of a team. The interviewer will want to know if they can depend on you, whether you are easy to get along with, are you trustworthy and whether you have the experience and training for the job position you’re interviewing for. So, this is something you should prepare for, as every interview will have questions based on that.

Be Honest About Your Situation, Don’t Speak Off Topic

Now, if you don’t know the answer to something, just be honest and acknowledge the fact that you don’t know, but are willing to learn if given the opportunity. This is a far better way of handling such a situation rather than rambling on and on or speaking off topic. Don’t talk too much – that’s a mistake most people make in interviews.

Answer the Question in a Way that Shows Off Your Skills

You should answer the questions in a way that reflects on your skills, experience and showcases your ability to do the job well. Essentially, the interviewer will want you to prove that you are up to the job. So as a job seeker, you should present a concrete and real example with specific details on how you have used a certain skill for a specific purpose. Your example should have all the important details, enough to give the interviewer a good idea of what you’re capable of.

Your example should be factual, with numbers and specifics, such as the number of customers you helped with a problem, the amount of money earned for the organization, the number of new accounts you were responsible for. It should be fact based and result oriented. Explain in detail about the positive results you were able to obtain.

Now, link up your example with what you can do for the organization in the job position you’re applying for. Explain how your skills could be of use and why you may be relied upon to get a job done.

You don’t have to make this complicated; just a simple statement would be enough to impress the interviewer. And the great thing is, this approach would actually work in any interview, even those you’re not fully prepared for. But yes, preparing for an interview would give you an extra edge, and so that should be your top priority.

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