How To Get A Job With Little To No Experience

It’s never easy to look for a job when you have little work experience. Every recruiter asks you about your work experience. Here’s the problem – how can you get work experience if you don’t get hired in the first place? There are still ways to get a job with little or no work experience, whether you’re a stay-at-home parent who’s been out of the job market for several years, or a recent graduate unable to get his or her first job. Some of the following tips here will help.

Be Honest. Would You Hire Yourself?

Before going to the job interview, here’s the question you should ask yourself and be honest about it. Would you hire yourself? Do you honestly feel that you can be responsible enough, loyal, capable or professional enough for a particular job requirement? Do you really feel that you’ll be able to discharge your responsibilities diligently? No matter which job you apply for, it is critical for you to be confident in yourself and your capacity to do it well. This is the first step.

Is There Any Experience That You Can Project, Which Does Not Seem Obvious At First Glance?

You may not have a typical work experience, how about one that is not so typical? Are you a blogger? Have you blogged about fashion or luxury handbags? Perhaps you can use the blog to project your writing ability and knowledge of fashion in an interview with a fashion magazine. Have you done plenty of work collecting donations for charity? How about projecting this in an interview with a PR firm, to prove your ability to interact with people and to convince them about a product? There are a few non-obvious skills and work experiences that everyone has. Identify one that pertains to you.

Strike The Right Balance Between Confidence And Humility In An Interview

You shouldn’t come across as too timid in an interview and express any doubt about your ability to do a job. If you’re not sure about your ability to do a job, why would you expect the recruiter to have any confidence in you? Equally, you shouldn’t come across as arrogant. You must be confident, but realistic about your strengths.

What About Your Soft Skills?

A recruiter looks for soft skills such as friendliness, responsiveness professionalism, and follow-through. These skills are intangible, but if you are able to project them in an interview, it would give you a strong lead over the competition. It has to come through, through the force of your personality in the interview. Just impress the recruiter!

Focus On A Single Job Position

Focus on a single job position, do extensive research on it and apply for 4 or 5 companies offering such a position, rather than dissipating your energy on several positions at the same time. You will have a good idea about which job position suits your talents best – that’s the one you should stick to and work hard upon. Don’t apply for a PR job, for instance, if you feel your talents lie in journalism.

Write A Unique And Original Resume 

The resume is very important, and it should be unique and original. Don’t make the mistake of borrowing a standard resume from the internet, that would make you look like a copycat and no different from a hundred others. Your resume should be distinctive, and define who you are. And do include a fine Cover Letter to go with it. Avoid clichés as much as possible.


As we said at the start, it’s not easy to get a job without work experience. But don’t let that scare you. With the right kind of motivation, determination and enthusiasm, and by following the tips given by us, you can surely get a job, even with little or no work experience. Just trust yourself.

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