How To Get More Done With Less Hours In Your Day

It’s a competitive job market out there and organizations expect you to put in more work in less time. As your responsibilities increase, pressure builds up to get more done in less time in a typical day at the office. Often, you will be asked to do the work of two or more colleagues. Rather than say no and risk raising your manager’s wrath, find out how to get more done with less hours in your day. Here’s how to do it….

Know Exactly What Is Expected of You

It is very important to know the exact nature of your role in the organization. Rather than say no to your manager when he asks you to take up more responsibilities, have a frank discussion with him and find out what’s expected of you. Ask the right questions about the assignment, about the project deadlines and the help you’re going to get from other members of your team. Make it clear that you’re not against taking any extra workload, but expect a certain transparency from your manager about what he wants from you. After all, there has to be a structure in the organization which everyone should adhere to.

Organize Your Work Better

Now that you know the exact scope of your job description, the next step is to organize your work so that everything falls into place. Prioritize what needs to be done and do the most important things first. The Pareto Rule says that 20 percent of what you do at work gets you 80 percent of the results. Focus on the 20 percent, or the most important things that need to be done. Once you get them right, you can move on to the rest.

Think of Ways to Make Things More Efficient

Work with your manager to make things more efficient at the workplace. Think of ways to streamline the practices and to improve the efficiency at the office. Start with your department and find out how you can make things better and faster. Look at the various time saving options available to you, such as the latest technological innovations. But it is important to keep the management informed about what you’re doing and get their approval every step of the way.

Learn New Skills that Help You Do the Work Faster

There are certain advanced skills or training that will help you do your work faster and get more done in fewer hours. For example, if you’re an accountant, learning the latest cloud-based accounting software such as QuickBooks or Outright can help you do your work faster and handle more workload than you would have otherwise been able to. It is important to learn something new all the time as you never know when changes in technology could render your skills obsolete.

Take a Break, As Many as You Need To

The best way to get more done in less time is to take many breaks. Chaining yourself to the desk for 10 hours straight would only hurt your productivity. Take breaks every 90 minutes or so, just get up from your desk, stretch, go for a quick 5-minute walk around the office or just have coffee at the cafeteria. The human body is not meant for continuous work. Taking a break from work every hour or so will keep you fresh and make you more productive.

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