How To Lead A Remote Team Of Workers

We are living in a world without borders. Where companies have many offices in many different countries. This means that as a team leader, you may have to manage a remote team of workers in another part of the world, at many time zones apart.

This can be both exciting and challenging at the same time, as communication problems can show their ugly head at anytime.

Today we are going to talk about a few things you can do to better manage your remote team, to make them as effective as if you had them working right by your side.

Be Clear With Your Instructions

The one thing that can come in the way of effective remote teams is often the language barrier. For this you want to be as black and white as possible in your communication with your team as a whole and to individual team members.

You may be working 12 hours apart, and you may be sleeping when the remote team is awake and working, so having clearing defined plans and instructions will help as you don’t want your team to be stuck with questions or uncertainty while you are sleeping half way across the world, this will slow down work progress and productivity.

You want to make sure everything is clearly spelled out and everyone knows what their role is.

Use Tools To Boost Productivity

Emails back and forth are not the best these days as team members get into email overload. You will want to incorporate a project management system to better allow everyone to be added to the project and have them be assigned their tasks.

There are a lot of different ones out there on the market, both free and paid, see which one suits your business, and ensure everything is documented in there so people are accountable to their tasks within the project.

Define Goals And Project Deadlines

There is nothing more frustrating when deadlines are not met, and goals are not reached.

This is why you need to implement milestones and project goals and deadlines. This allows you and the team to know of upcoming days that require certain tasks to be completed by.

This also gives everyone a higher level look at the scope and complexity of the project so they know how much time they have to work on certain things.

If you do the above, you will find yourself well on your way to effective project management for teams working remotely, and will find it easier than you thought.

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