How To Train Your Staff About Customer Service

The image of your company begins with your forward facing staff members, those doing the customer service. If you want to ensure that clients get the best service possible, then you must train your team well on proper etiquette and procedures, that way there is a clear and concise way of doing things, and everyone is on the same page.

Today we will look at 5 ways that you can give your team the best possible tools to be able to provide exceptional customer service each and every time they interact with a new client.

1. Make sure they are updated on company information

This one is obvious but often missed. You need to make sure that your customer service staff knows everything there is to know about your business, from the history to the company mission statement. As well as the ins and outs of your products and services.

The customer service staff are the forefront of your brand and your business, so if they don’t know much about what the business is doing or what the specifications of your products are, when they interact with a customer, they are not going to come across as being professional, and this will certainly hurt your image in the long run.

2. Have clear guidelines and expectations

Your customer service staff should have clear guidelines for what is expected of them. Have this in a place that is easily accessible. They should know exactly how to talk to the customer, what to say and what not to say.

You should also be able to measure their progress, and provide feedback on this. When everyone knows what their roles are, they will be able to perform the job to the best of their abilities, and provide top customer service for your clients.

3. Teach them to talk less and listen more

As the saying goes, you can’t hear anything while you are talking, you will want to get your customer service staff to know this as well.

You see, in customer service, you don’t know the issue until the customer tells it to you. The thing is, if you are so busy trying to tell a customer, this, that, and the other thing, then you will have no way to truly dig deep the the root of the problem, and know what is bothering the customer. This happens when you sit back and just let the customer talk about their issues, and then when they are fully done, you can then asses the entire picture and figure out what is going on.

4. Have a procedure for irate customers

Every company big and small deals with unhappy clients. Thats not so much a bad thing, except when you don’t have a proper procedure or plan to handle it. You need to train your customer service staff to know exactly how to handle different problems and make sure to follow proper procedures.

The goal at the end of the interaction is to learn about what the issue was, and to turn that unhappy customer into a happy one, that way they stay with your company for a long time to come.

5. There is a better answer than saying, “I don’t know”

A lot of times a customer service representative will be asked a question, or put into a situation where they do not know the answer. This is alright, if they say the right thing. The thing is to not say I don’t know, but better would be to say, that you will investigate it for them, and ensure that you are going to find an answer and get back to them.

What this does is it shows that you are a professional, and you will take ownership and handle their issues for them, and make sure that they receive a satisfactory answer.

Once you try some of the above tactics, you will have yourself an amazing customer service team that will produce the happiest customers.



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