How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter

Writing an effective cover letter can be a tough task.

There are often times hundreds of job applicants vying for the same position as you, and employers have to sift through all of these resumes and cover letters, so trying to do the same as the other person probably wont get you noticed all that well.

You need to take the road less traveled, and instead of creating a canned cover letter, you need to tailor it to the specific job, industry, and company at hand.

Today, we are going to go over 3 specific things that you can do today with your cover letter to get you noticed, and hopefully get your phone ringing to come in for an interview.

Write in your own and personal style

The point of any cover letter is to sell yourself, and to show off your personality and why you will be the best fit for the organization.

When you write, make sure you emphasize your ambitions, and show off your enthusiasm for the work.

This way prospective employers will be able to see who you truly are, and dive past the text on the page to get a better picture and understanding of what you stand for.

As well with this, make sure you write in a very professional tone, but at the same time, dont overload the letter with words or phrases that are too technical or over the top. While you want to sound like you know what you are talking about, you dont want to give a false impression of being a know it all right out of the gates, you want to give enough so that you create interest and therefore get called in for a follow up interview.

Highlight specific accomplishments and skills that you have

When you are talking about how you are an expert in this or that, saying only this is not enough. You want to show how your skills and experiences are going to help and benefit the potential employer.

This is because you need to prove that what you offer and bring to the table, is going to help them. You cant just say I am good at so and so. You need to be able to talk about past situations where that skill was put to use, and how it impacted in a positive manner your previous employer.

Finish strong

The way you end your cover letter is going to make or break the next step that the employer makes. If you finish off with a weak ending and say you hope to hear from them, this is not being strong enough, nor assertive enough.

You need to say that you are confident that your skill set and experience are going to be an asset to the organization, and you look forward to speaking to them further about what you offer.

That way you are almost saying that you are confident in yourself, and the fact that you should deserve a follow up call.

Use these tips above, and make your next cover letter great!

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