How Video Interviews Are Taking Off In 2015

Video interviews or Skype interviews are without doubt a new trend in the job recruitment process. Video interviews have simplified the task of recruiters considerably, helping them to filter and evaluate candidates very quickly, and call only those who pass the test with flying colors to a more detailed face-to-face interview round.

How Popular Are Video Interviews?

Fairly popular, if the data made available by recruitment agencies are to be believed. The global talent and recruitment management firm, Right Management has stated in a report that as many as 18% of job applicants in developed countries participated in a video interview in 2014, which is twice as much as the figure for 2013.

Let’s have a look at the research done by the video conference company PGi on Video Interviews held online:

  • Six in ten recruiters currently incorporate video into the interview process.
  • Sixty-six percent of the candidates say they actually prefer it.
  • The way communication is conveyed in these interviews is 55% via human face, 38% tone of voice, and only 7% from the words that are said.

Clearly, video interviews are very popular today. But are they just a passing fad, or something that is here to stay?

Video Interviews – A Trend That Is Here to Stay?

Yes, clearly video interviews are here to stay. That is why it is important for job seekers to get over their initial hesitation over them.  It is a fact that many job seekers hate being judged by a recruiter through a video interview. The process is too abrupt and if rejected for the job opportunity, job seekers tend to blame the medium – Skype or any other video Interview service – rather than their own performance in the interview.

Clearly this is not advisable, it is important to get used to video interviews because we expect them to be the first stage in a recruitment process for a majority of job openings in the near future. Of course, video interviews will remain only the first step in the recruitment process, and it’s unlikely that a final selection will be made based on them.

A second face-to-face interview will always be an integral and final step of the recruitment process. Also, from the job seeker’s point of view, it is important for them to get to know the company better, have a look at the company’s premises, interact with a few employees before taking a decision whether to join the company or not. But video interviews are likely to be the first hurdle, and will be used extensively to weed out the completely unsuitable elements among job seekers.

How to Succeed in a Video Interview?

The impersonal and unfamiliar nature of video interviews causes job seekers to be wary about the medium. This need not be so, here are a few quick tips on preparing for a video interview:

1. Get a professional Skype name, for a start.
2. Practice the interview. Record yourself on a webcam answering around 10 standard interview questions. Analyze the video carefully. Ask yourself about how you come across, do you, for instance, appear too self-conscious? Be honest.
3. Watch your mannerisms on the video. Do you observe something that you weren’t aware of about yourself that appears a little too weird or unseemly? Cut that out.
4. Get a family member or friend to analyze your performance.
5. Finally, while giving the interview, wait for the interviewer to ask his question. Don’t talk over them at any point in the interview. And don’t be in a rush to finish your answer.


There are many new companies that are taking advantage of the great demand for Video Interviews, by offering video interview services or by creating some really nifty software and tools for the purpose. WePow is one such company that offers video interview services for major corporations, small businesses and recruitment agencies.

WePow helps a recruiter to design their own video interview experience, to make the process more interactive and engaging and to identify the true essence of a prospective candidate – such as their personalities, attitudes and values.

WePow allows recruiters to invite candidates for a video interview, easier for the staff to share candidate information and interview results / inputs among themselves and has excellent software tools that track the whole process.

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