Why would any company hire you?

Posted by Jeff Abram


If any company is to survive and prosper in today’s economy, they need top-notch employees. Now, more than any time in history, companies need to hire the right talent.

So why do companies hire the wrong employees? More often than not, candidates don’t know what they are looking for in a company or a career. Often companies hire people because they were the best of the ones that applied, that is not the equivalent of being the right fit for the job.

The cost of hiring the wrong employee is enormous. The cost of taking the wrong career path is astronomical. Do you have a career plan? If you do, is it written down? If it is, how often do your read it and revise it? It is alarming that most people spend more time planning their vacations and weddings than their careers.

Once you graduate you will spend more time in your life at work than any other place. It would make sense to make an informed career decision, do some research into industries and companies to see what is available. Check out their financials. Is their marketplace growing? Are they an industry leader? What kind of people do they typically hire? What is the turnover rate?
How do they attract talent? If they are cutting corners on hiring talent, where else are they being cheap? Good companies invest in their growth and attract the best of the best. That is the company you want to work for. They have an on boarding process, they have talent retention programs, they have an organizational development plan and succession planning is part of their natural growth. These companies are not easy to find, but they are worth seeking out if you are serious about being challenged, respected, rewarded and mentored.

Ask yourself the following questions to better prepare yourself for your next career move. Why would any of these companies hire you? Do you have a well thought out career plan? Do you know what you are good at? What experiences do you have that they could benefit from? Do you know what kind of leadership you offer or like to work under? Do you know what you are worth in today’s marketplace? Do you have criteria for your next career move? Do you interview well? Can you describe the ideal culture fit for you?

Be prepared, have a career plan, invest in your own personal development, interview well, be well researched, build strong relationships, work harder than you get paid for, help others with no expectations, be positive, and above all be honest. Take this advice and soon every company will want to hire you.

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