Things To Do After You Leave A Job Interview

You’ve just had a great interview, and are reasonably confident about landing the job. But just because your interview went well is no reason to relax. As they say, there’s many a slip between cup and lip. A lot can happen after an interview – the company may decide to hire internal candidates or do away with the position that you’re applying for. You cannot control what can happen after an interview, but you can control what you can do with your time, till you receive a job offer. Read on to find out what they are

Evaluate Yourself After the Interview

It is important to evaluate your performance after an interview. Take notes on what worked in the interview, and what didn’t work. This will help you to prepare better for your next interview and understand your strengths and weaknesses better. Analyze yourself as objectively as possible. How goof was your research on the company? Did you answer all the questions with confidence? What were the questions that caused you to stumble? Write them down.

Discuss Your Position with Your References

Following the end of an interview, it’s probably time to alert your references about your situation, especially if you feel particularly confident about your chances. Send them your resume so that they know what to say to the hiring manager. You don’t want your references to be caught off guard by anything the hiring manager asks them.

Send a Thank You Note to the Hiring Manager

Sending a thank you note to the hiring manager is not an option – it is an expected courtesy. You don’t have to spend too much time on this; just a plain and simple email would work very well. But when sending the thank you note, be sure to include something specific about the interview – a word of praise, an observation or a question. Sending a thank you note ensures that the hiring manager would remember you even if you don’t land the job and call you up for the next job opportunity at their organization. Or, they might recommend you to someone else. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by sending a thank you note to the hiring manager. Just be sure to send it within 24 hours after the interview.

Talk to Other Companies about Your Availability

Just because you’ve interviewed with a company is no reason not to talk to other firms. Ask around and find out if there are any job openings. Draft a cover letter and resume and send them to the HR department at these firms. You don’t have to specifically ask for a job, the idea is to inform the hiring manager about your accomplishments, why you’re such a perfect fit for a job opening and what you can do for their organization. Don’t give up searching for a job just because you think you’ve given a great interview.


A job search takes a lot of time. Just because you’re reasonably pleased about how you’ve done at an interview is no reason to quit searching. The last thing you want is to start from the scratch if for some reason you don’t get the much coveted job. That can really make you lose your confidence. Keep looking for potential job offers, because you are never truly finished with the job search until your first day at the office at the new job.

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