Things You Can Do Today To Get Promoted In Your Job Tomorrow

Are you ready for your next challenge at work? Maybe you had your eyes on a promotion for months, but weren’t able to do much about it. Perhaps that’s because you’ve used the wrong strategies. By following the tips here, and taking action “today”, you will surely get promoted in your job “tomorrow”. Let’s find out how!

Be Honest With Yourself: Carry out a ruthlessly honest self-assessment of your performance at work. Take a good hard look at your career so far, and objectively analyze your work ethic and general attitude at the workplace. How do your boss, co-workers, clients and customers view you? Perhaps you will find the answers you’re looking at the positive steps to be taken that will help you get promoted soon.

What About Your Work Ethic? Really, how serious are you about your work? Do you take an active interest in the proceedings, or do you just show up on time and wait for the hours to click by? Do you really put a lot of effort into your job or are you just winging it?  Managers hate employees who don’t give it their best at their job, and it’s unlikely that such employees would be considered for a promotion. Indeed, if you’re not really serious about your job, it’s likely that your manager is just looking for a reason to fire you.

Take Initiative: It’s not enough to be great at your job. If you are to get promoted, you need to do more, push the limits at work. Have you considered how you can improve things at the office? For example, maybe you can make the processes more efficient in the workplace, streamline communications, suggest new technologies to replace the old and offer ideas on cutting costs. Managers like an employee who comes up with bright new ideas.

Pick Up the Relevant Skills, Educate Yourself: We live in a fast moving world. Technologies of yesterday are no longer relevant today. Have you upgraded your skills yet? Maybe all that’s stopping you from getting the promotion you deserve is that you have stopped learning new things and got too used to the usual way of doing things. It’s never too late to educate yourself and learn or upgrade skills that are held in high regard by your employers.

Volunteer for More Work: One of the best ways to get noticed at work is to volunteer for additional tasks, to go the extra distance and go above and beyond the call of duty at the workplace. This shows that you are super motivated and determined to help your company to succeed. This shows how much you value being a part of your organization. All of this will be seen very positively by your bosses.

Don’t Be Shy to Self-Promote: All corporate achievers do at least some self-promotion to advance in their careers. You should as well, as long as you’re subtle about it. Make it too obvious and it might backfire against you. But remember, in today’s hyper-competitive workplace, regardless of how good you are, no one will make a case for your advancement; you will have to do it yourself. So, you will have to blow your own horn, so to speak, if you’re to get that promotion.

Apply for Internal Job Postings: It’s possible that if you work in a large corporation, there is only so far you can go in a certain department. Maybe the best way to get your next promotion is to apply for a position in a different division, one with better growth prospects. But be sure to discuss the situation with your manager or other higher-ups before making the move.

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