What Potential Employers Look For The First Time They Meet You

It doesn’t take long for an employer to decide whether you are the right fit for their organization or not. Most interviewers take only a few minutes to make their decision about a candidate.  So what are the things that an employer looks for and what should you do to create a great first impression? These are questions we have struggled with ourselves in the past. But generally, there are 5 things an employer looks for when hiring for a position in their organization. Let’s have a look.


First impression counts for a lot during a job interview. An employer makes his decision about you within minutes of laying eyes upon you. It hardly takes them any time at all to reach a decision about your suitability for the job opening that you’re applying for. That’s why it is important to present yourself well at the interview. This means wear formal clothes, not a jeans or a T-shirt, no wearing heavy makeup or visible tattoos. You should present yourself as a serious professional who really wants the job.


Likeability is something intangible. Different employers have their own idea of what makes an applicant likeable. As the cliché goes, there is no “I” in “Team” – do you come across as a team player or are you too much of an individualist?  Are you willing to work hard or do you seem to be rather unenthusiastic about the job? Do you come across as friendly, warm and confident? These are some of the things that an employer looks for.

Relevant Skills and Experience

Essentially, you should have the requisite skills and experience to get the job done. The only reason for an employer to hire you is if you can prove to be useful to the organization and suit the specific purpose for which there is a job opening. Yes, your past work experience is very important here as your employer will want to know your record and past successes before making a decision on you. They want to know if you have held responsible positions in the past and can be trusted with the same in their organization as well.


Trust is something that can only be earned. It’s hard to tell for an employer if they can trust an applicant for a position. It’s only after a few months at work, when they get to know you better that they can really begin to trust you. However, there are a few red flags an employer looks for in the interview. First, they will ask you questions related to your resume, to find out if everything you’ve written on it is true or not. Lying on the resume is perhaps the worst thing you could do, and if caught, that would bring your interview to an immediate halt. Another thing to watch out for is badmouthing your previous employers or co-workers – this is frowned upon and only indicates that you cannot be trusted with. Just don’t be negative during the interview.

Strong Work Ethic

Finally, the employer wants to see if you’re really excited about the job. Are you enthusiastic about the position or do you think it is something beneath you? Employers want you to be proud of being a part of their organization and hate negativity more than anything else. You should show interest in the position you’re applying for and display your passion. You should project your eagerness for an opportunity to prove yourself, and how you would do your very best at the new job, if given a chance.

These are the five basic qualities an employer looks for the first time they meet you in an interview. They may look for other things as well, depending on the job position. What’s important is to be prepared for the interview, do your research on the organization and the position you’re applying for, project confidence and be clear and forthright with your answers.

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