Why Hire An Outside Recruiter?

Why does every organization in the Fortune 500 use an external Recruiter for their most important positions? The same reasons your company should develop a recruitment strategy that guarantees results and gives you a fighting chance in the war for talent. The recruitment relationship they built played a significant role in getting those organizations to the Fortune 500 level and beyond. Simple formula, the company with the best talent wins.

Your company does not need a Lawyer or Accountant on staff in most cases but how important is that relationship when a need arises. With the talent pool decreasing daily what is your strategy to attract the top performers and keep your organization top of mind when talent becomes available. Here are just a couple of advantages to outsourcing your recruitment efforts.

Why Hiring an Outside Recruiter is better than doing it In-House

A substantial ROI (or return on investment) can be achieved by your company by hiring an outside recruiter.

Saves Money

It would be much more expensive to do the recruitment in-house. By hiring an outside recruiter, a company would be saving money on the salaries and other benefits paid to an in-house recruiter, and can avoid hiring additional executives for this purpose. There would be no reason to pay existing employees extra for the work done in recruiting candidates for the available positions. The savings on job ads placed in newspapers, magazines or websites are also quite significant.

Saves Time

An outside recruitment agency has excellent knowledge of the marketplace, and so would be able to narrow down on suitable candidates very quickly, much faster than what’s possible with in-house recruitment. There is no reason for a company to sort through resumes, arrange video interviews, or conduct extensive background checks – all of this is taken care of by the outside recruitment agency. Also, since recruitment is often a specialist’s task, an outside recruiter is likely to be far more efficient. So besides saving a company a lot of time, an outside recruiter helps identify the most suitable candidates.

By Hiring an Outside Recruiter, a Company Guarantees Confidentiality in the Recruitment. Why is This Important?

A company can achieve the confidentiality it seeks during recruitment by hiring an outside recruiter. There won’t be a necessity to post job ads on company boards, for instance, which could be seen by other employees in the organization, who would question the motive behind hiring an outsider for a higher position, for which someone from within the organization could be promoted to, instead. So this creates unnecessary problems within an organization, which can be avoided by hiring an outside recruiter and making the recruitment process completely confidential.

What an Experienced Job Recruiter Brings to the Table


Job recruitment is a specialist’s job and should be done by experts in the field. Outside recruiters or headhunters are better qualified for this task, rather than company executives, whose talents lie in other areas.

Extensive Knowledge of the Job Market

Outside recruiters have extensive connections and knowledge of the job market. Their grasp of the market trends and realities is often impressive. Their familiarity with the best available talent goes well beyond what one can gather by browsing Craigslist, Monster, and job classifieds.

More Likely to Identify A-Listers

Outside recruiters have deep connections and they are more likely to hire the best candidates for a given position. They are likely to have excellent personal relationships with highly qualified business executives, which could be very useful to a company looking for top talent.

More Objective and Trusted by Job Candidates

Candidates for a given job position are likely to be more open about their goals and expectations to an outside recruiter than to an in-house company executive. They are likely to talk more freely to an outside recruiter as well, and have a lot more trust in him. This is because an outside recruiter is seen as being objective because of his distance from the company, which is why his assurances about a company’s prospects are taken more seriously than those given by a company executive.


It is always beneficial to hire an outside recruiter with deep connections, excellent relationships and proven capacity to match top talent with open job positions. Also, the outside recruiter should be one who is more successful at conveying the plus points of a company to prospective job candidates, motivate them to do their best and reassure them about the company’s prospects.

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