The Difference Between Successful and Very Successful People

I recently met with a capable and driven executive and asked him, “How are you?” He gave me a rapid-fire answer of all of the things he was doing: travelling, business updates, career changes and his children’s innumerable activities. It sounded like an intense but satisfying life. Then I asked him again, “How are you [...]

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US job market looking up, yes as usual, we will follow…

Companies in U.S. Added 238,000 Jobs in December, ADP Says Companies added more workers than projected in December as U.S. employers grew more optimistic about the prospects for demand, a private report based on payrolls showed today. The 238,000 increase in employment was the biggest since November 2012 and followed a revised 229,000 gain in [...]

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Rethinking the modest recovery story: Is Canada’s economy poised to take off?

Posted by Julian Beltrame, THE CANADIAN PRESS OTTAWA - Foreigners are buying up Canada, the loonie is heading for parity with the American dollar and recent economic indicators are off the map. Could the recovery be outracing expectations? The prime minister is a skeptic, and so too are economists at the TD Bank, who released [...]

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