The SearchWest team has the exact mix of experience, drive and personality required to create a highly respected and successful consultancy based partner. Our combined industry-specific experience gives us the inside-edge to source, evaluate, and place top performers. Our extensive network of successful professionals will allow you to reach only the most qualified and respected of candidates.

We have an inviting and approachable style that creates an unrivaled environment of trust. Often, the key to long term success lies, not only in experience and qualifications, but in “Fit” across the board. Our goal is to develop an understanding of your company’s corporate culture and growth plans which allows us to connect you with the ideal candidate who will thrive both personally and professionally.

The results over the years speak for themselves as our clients continue to benefit from stronger, more productive, cohesive senior level teams.

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Point of Difference

top_candidatesWe work with only a small percentage of possible candidates: those who exemplify the experience, passion, and inspiration that drive major breakthroughs for your company. By implementing a consistently analytical and exact fit approach, we identify exceptional leaders with the skills and qualities essential to reaching your organization’s goals. We pursue that vision through our deep industry knowledge, proactively seeking out and engaging top performers with the strengths that uniquely match your organizational needs.

unique_talentTop candidates are hard to find, in short supply and even harder to Recruit! Because of SearchWest’s innovative Boutique style business model, we aren’t constrained by the “off-limits” restrictions that handcuff larger headhunting firms. We leverage that unique advantage to find prime talent that other firms miss or can’t engage. We pinpoint the best mid to senior level talent in each of our disciplines to give your organization first look at the very best.

meanful_resultsIn the search for breakthrough talent, our mission is clear: recruit only those candidates who fit your unique culture, expectations, and business challenges. To ensure a perfect match, we utilize state-of-the-art behavioral interviewing techniques to test personal leadership styles, interpersonal skills, and future performance potential. Our rigorous assessment process identifies talent that will thrive within your organization and take your business to the next level, providing lower turnover, longer retention, and a more energized workforce.


Product Marketing Manager > Software
Engineering Manager > Technology & Manufacturing
Director of Marketing & Communications > Tourism
General Manager > Entertainment
Business Development > Software
Chief Financial Officer > Manufacturing
Controller > Property Development
VP Of Finance > Forestry
Financial Analyst > Logistics
General Manager Canada > Sports Apparel
Director Corporate Partnerships > Sports & Entertainment
General Manager Canada > Gaming & Casino

Director of Operations > Gaming & Casino
Business Development Manager > Manufacturing
VP Business Development > Travel & Tourism
Key Account Manager > Lifesciences
Executive Director > Retirement Living
BC Sales Manager > Alcohol Beverage
Western Canada Sales Manager > Craft Beer
Viticulturist > Wine
Regional Sales Manager > Pharmaceutical
Account Director > Advertising Agency
Sales Representative > Alcohol Beverage
Senior Sales Specialist > Medical Device
Marketing Manager > Alcohol Beverage

To learn more about how these successfully completed search assignments have added value to our clients organizational growth and profitability contact or our other specific industry directors to find out how SearchWest can help you build a stronger team.