IT Project Manager

SearchWest’s client is looking for a Senior Project Manager with a minimum of 8 years of experience managing multiple projects concurrently in the IT industry. The ideal candidate will possess a PMP certification, have prior experience implementing an off the shelf (COTS) product and experience with Change Managment in a complex, stakeholder rich environment.

 Primary duties and responsibilities

-Developing and managing project plans; managing and coordinating vendor(s) through project implementation, including areas such as solution configuration; data mapping, conversion and migration. -Managing a project team comprised of both Faculty and vendor resources. -Ensuring that project change management and communication activities are planned and carried out in a timely fashion. -Reporting to the program manager on status and emerging issues. -Escalating issues and suggesting solutions. -Clarifying and managing scope, schedule and budget for up to 3 projects

In addition to the above responsibilities, the senior PM will be expected to:

-Participate in, and eventually lead, the development of multi-phase implementation plans for the solutions. -Work closely with the BA team to ensure that business processes, business rules, governance and management models and new business roles are incorporated into the technology suites. -Participate in program-level group meetings and workshops. -Participate in the development of information management strategies for the program, and be able to apply appropriate information management tactics to each project. -Be able to work in a distributed environment where authority is not centralized and context is sometimes ambiguous. -Work closely with existing Business Analsyt team to learn about the environment and stakeholders

Key skills and background:

-Proven ability to manage off-the-shelf software implementation, with significant configuration requirements such as -implementation of workflows and business rules. -Proven ability to run multiple pilots and solution implementations in series and parallel. -Proven ability to manage change, not only technological change but business process and workflow. -Critical thinking capability to recognize complex problems and propose achievable ways of approaching them. -Degree from a recognized university is a must. -PMP Certified -Minimum of 8 years’ experience preferred, although we will consider less if the candidate has an outstanding track record. -Strong core skills in project management (scope, schedule, budget, quality management); -Proven ability in ‘soft’ skills: ability to organize and manage a team, ability to engage stakeholders; excellent meeting chair & facilitation skills. -Ability to work collaboratively with program manager and business analysts; excellent written and verbal communication skills; -Ability to clearly articulate status and issues to all organizational levels, targeted at appropriate level of detail for audience.

To apply for this role please e-mail megan@searchwest.ca and if this role is not an exact fit, please note that other roles are available in this vertical so don’t hesitate to submit a resume for consideration