The Operations Director is responsible for the safe operation of the Vessel in accordance with Transport Canada regulations and company standards. As a member of the leadership team, the Operations Director will participate in the development and implementation of company’s strategic plan, as well as the company’s annual operating plan.

Personal Behaviors

  • Results driven
  • Professional demeanor and style
  • Resolute and persistent
  • Focus on detail and quality
  • Overwhelming curiosity and desire to learn
  • Leads by example
  • Bias to action
  • Values Teamwork
  • Mentality of ownership

Essential Competencies and Characteristics

  • Display an extremely high level of safety awareness and ability to lead/coach others to high safety performance
  • Demonstrate an extremely strong aptitude for risk assessment and management
  • Demonstrated experience in development of quality, health, safety and environment systems to a high standard relevant in a transportation industry, with preference to marine
  • Leading and Supervising – demonstrated capacity to offer clear direction to others, works to empower and motivate staff, provide development opportunities and coaching
  • Working with people – takes an interest in and seeks to understand others, adopts a consultative approach to communication, shows empathy and a strong level of self-awareness
  • Applying Expertise and Technology– develops, applies and shares knowledge and specialist/technical expertise, understands different organisational departments and functions
  • Analyzing – capacity to deal effectively with numerical data, make rational judgements, and draw logical conclusions from available data
  • Planning and Organizing – effective time management, capacity to identify and organize resources needed, plan ahead and maintain flexibility in case of shifts in priorities
  • Following Instructions and Procedures – adheres to procedures and policies, follows instructions without unduly questioning authority, shows commitment to the organisation and complies with legal/statutory obligations
  • 5 – 7 Years working as operations manager or director in a transportation business with preference for marine
  • Deciding and Initiating Action – demonstrated capacity to establish and build strong positive relationships with a variety of stakeholders and coordinate these to achieve the objectives of the business
  • Learning and Researching – capacity to learn and remember new information quickly, consults widely to gather information to support decision-making
  • Delivering Results and Meeting Customer Expectations – strong focus on Riverside quality expectations and demonstrates drive to meet project goals
  • Coping with Pressures and Setbacks – works productively in a high-pressure environment, maintains emotional control and a positive outlook at work, able to deal with criticism and learn from feedback.
  • Ability to work autonomously (self-motivated) and as part of a team
  • Have a strong focus on continuous improvement and learning
  • Strong capability in Microsoft Office suite of products

Desirable Skills and Experience

  • Familiarity with BC Workplace laws relating to scheduling and hours of work
  • Qualification as Marine Master or Engineer
  • Understanding of ISM Code, Transport Canada regulations as related to marine vessels, and ISO standards


Reports to: VP & General Manager

Reporting in: Master and Technical Coordinator

Collaboration & Communication


Vessel Crew – day to day management of vessel crew to ensure maximum vessel safety, performance, and regulatory compliance

Vessel Engineers – ongoing oversight to ensure the vessel meets it’s technical, operational, and safety compliance objectives, and ensuring the completion of Planned Maintenance tasks in a timely manner

Guest Experience Director

General Manager

Sales and Reservations teams in Vancouver and Victoria.

Procurement, Finance, IT teams within Riverside Group.


Regulatory, Industry and Class regulators – ongoing liaison for vessel compliance to Company SMS

Suppliers – local suppliers and 3rd party contractors for the provision of goods and services

Relevant harbour authorities, operators and other industry contacts

Major Responsibilities

  • Responsible for all duties associated with the administration and operation of the vessel.
  • The development and ongoing review of company Safety Management System (SMS), ensuring compliance with policies and procedures, and the continuous improvement thereof.
  • Responsible for the oversight and maintenance of the entire vessel’s required certification, and ensuring their ongoing validity and the vessel’s continuing Flag State compliance.
  • Development and coordination of the SMS towards ISM Code certification
  • Responsible for communications and relationships with both Class and Flag State.
  • Ensure that the vessel operates within the rules and requirements of the city harbours and maintain communication and relationships with the Harbour Masters and relevant authorities.
  • Ensure that all crew members have the required training and certification for their roles and monitor the ongoing validity of crew competencies and certificates.
  • Lead and train the vessel’s crew to conduct their duties safely and effectively, and ensure that crew follow all safe work practices, wear PPE, and take all necessary precautions before starting work of any kind.
  • Be responsible for the implementation and review of the QHSE system with all vessel crew and associated shore staff.
  • Oversee the vessel crewing roster and ensure ongoing compliance with Minimum Safe Manning requirements.
  • Responsible for approving and entering all vessel crew hours into payroll system.
  • Responsibly manage vessel crew hours to limit unnecessary overtime.
  • Identify, nurture and cultivate strong working relationships and partnerships with suppliers, including mechanics, electricians, HVAC technicians
  • Oversee purchasing and acquisitions for the vessel, ensuring responsible cost management.
  • Oversee the major maintenance projects of the vessel, such as docking, from scoping, costing, planning, tendering and project management
  • Ensure the planned maintenance system is being followed to guarantee the safe operation of the vessel reliably
  • Work closely with the vessels engineers to ensure the vessel is maintained as per the planned maintenance system and kept in a condition of operational readiness.
  • Ensure the upkeep of all charts, electronic charts, nautical publications, and for the condition of the bridge and associated equipment.
  • Encourage the identification and recording of defects found on board ensure plans to repair or manage these defects are developed and implemented in a timely manner

Measures of Performance

  • Successfully meeting AOP budgeted financial and non-financial objectives.
  • A positive and active quality and safety culture within the business and on the vessel
  • Representing the Company’s goals and values in all relationships with suppliers and the business community.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Responsibilities

  • Ensure that all personnel are familiar with the QHSE policy and QHSEMS and applying it everyday
  • Ensure personnel understand their roles and responsibilities regarding QHSE
  • Ensure risk management controls are in place and working effectively and that personnel understand and are applying controlled processes and procedures
  • Ensure KPIs (objectives) are developed, monitored and reviewed
  • Ensure appropriate resources and leadership is available to support QHSE
  • Ensure personnel are trained, competent and certified as appropriate to do their work
  • Engaging, educating and coaching personnel in QHSE
  • Understanding and ensuring compliance with relevant statutory requirements including WHS and environmental requirements
  • Ensure workplaces, vessels and assets maintain current regulatory certification i.e. survey, ERA
  • Ensuring we understand and meet or exceed our customers’ expectations
  • Develop a workplace culture that results in positive safety performance
  • Promote a focus on learning and continuous improvement
  • Take reasonable care of, and cooperate with, actions taken to protect the health and safety of both themselves and others
  • Ensure all accidents, incidents, near misses and hazards are reported as soon as is practicable
  • Do whatever is reasonably practical to ensure that both the workplace and the work itself are safe
  • Ensure that all personnel are always ‘Fit for Work’

Competitive compensation, bonus and growth opportunities.

The Search Committee will begin considering potential candidates immediately and will continue until the role is successfully filled. Applications, including resume in word format along with a cover letter outlining reasons for interest in the position and desired compensation should be submitted electronically, in confidence directly to: